Whisky Trails takes us on a globe-trotting journey following our sagacious and ever inquisitive guide, Luke McKenzie, on his adventure from the New World: Australia, Japan, India, and the USA, back to the Old World of Ireland and Scotland on a personal quest to taste all the colours of the whisky rainbow.
Whisky is romance. It is the world’s beloved spirit, used to commemorate life’s happiest moments and commiserate through the saddest. To share a dram is to share a memory; each sip expresses the provenance and passion of the people who made it. But, things are changing for whisky. Women are flocking to it, both as drinkers and distillers; consumer numbers in developing nations are fast on the rise; New World makers are setting traditions alight reinvigorating (or irritating) the Old World makers. The story of whisky could not be more
timely, and exciting.
While each episodes carries it’s own unique story, characters, and customs for Luke to discover, they are tightly bound together by a carefully plotted spine  tracing the globe to seek the answers to: what makes a great whisky great, and: what makes whisky great? Whisky Trails is an uplifting, warm, and thought-provoking showcase of the kaleidoscopic people, places, and tastes of the Whisky Trail, one dram at a time.


  • 10 x 30′ 4k


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