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Who we are

Escapade Media is a new international TV and film sales agent specialising in premium dramas, children’s and factual programming with a point of difference.

Escapade Media is seeking to form partnerships with producers across the world for commercial content.

What we do

  • Establish strategic alliances with premium content partners
  • Tailor strategic marketing plans to individual partnerships
  • Implement launch strategy through international market attendance
  • Ensure pre-sales and sales are effectively concluded to allow maximum profit

How we operate

We are a creative partnership. We offer the opportunity for production companies and producers to work with us and access VITAL information that all producers seek.

What is the market looking for?  What can producers create that will appeal to both local and international markets, while retaining the soul of the Australian creative industry.

We spot content and concepts that can be exploited internationally and engage Australian producers who will increase productivity.

We secure pre-sales and sales right through the life of the project WITHOUT the costs of an in-house distributor. We use our solid and extensive reputations in the global market to broaden and build the reputation of your company. We advise and help produce content with international co-producers. We introduce new relationships and bring forward new and inventive financing models.

This arrangement allows all parties to focus on what they do best.

Why we do it

Australian content has the potential to be globally successful. It currently does not achieve that goal.

Escapade Media will provide advice and ensure international elements are included in content so that Australian productions can drive recoupment, return equity to investors and create funds to invest in future content.

Our core goal is to increase the amount of profitable content produced.