The Spice Trails 12 x 30’ 4K & HD – available for Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France and French speaking territories being French- speaking Africa, French speaking Switzerland, French speaking Monaco, French Speaking Luxembourg, French speaking Andorra and French speaking Belgium , Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City, Andorra, Spain, Greece, Portugal & remaining Pacific Island countries

“The Spice Trails” series is a distinctive series where ‘Spices’ are the hero. In this ‘Latin America’ season, the audiences will see the travel photographer Jose Jimenez embark upon a one-of-its-kind journey through 12 regions, spanning across 8 countries in Latin America and join him in search of the distinctive spices and herbs of each region.

Jose interacts with the local spice farmers, traders, chefs throughout his travel and learns more about spices and their culinary and medicinal usage. His search also leads him to discover more about the history, culture, picturesque landscapes and the wealth of gastronomical wonders that Latin America has to offer. He chooses one of the spices as the ‘Queen Spice’ for each region, based on a mix of their uniqueness, variety of uses, their influence on cultural traditions and their popularity in local gastronomy.


  • 12 x 30 4K & HD


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