Flushed! is a rip-roaring new C classified game show for kids aged 10-14 years. It’s where knowledge meets strategy with hilarious and messy fun along the way!

Two teams of two answer ten multiple-choice questions, with correct answers adding time to their game clock. With time on their side, the teams must build a link from a wall-mounted inlet to an outlet in the center of the stage. The teams do this with tubes, which come in a variety of sizes – but strategy is key. The teams’ link must pass through speed-links and checkpoints on its way to the outlet. The first team to connect their link wins!

Round two is the ultimate test: The Major Link. With 60 seconds on the clock, the winning team must construct a major link from two inlets on either side of the stage, to the centered outlets. Their major link must pass through five strategically placed pylons…

Meanwhile, their round one opponents are now trapped inside a glass dome, with a giant dump tank of sludge perched precariously above them. Each time the winning team connects their major link to the pylon, the dump tank tips on an angle, bringing the sludge that much closer to dropping!

If the winning team can successfully complete their major link, not only do they win a prize, but they get to tip the dump tank one final time. Their opponents are Flushed!

All competitors on Flushed! take away the players prize pack, and any team that wins a major link takes home a major prize. The winning team now becomes the carry-over-champions and face a new team of challengers. In their fifth and final major link game, the carry-over-champions compete for an ultra prize.

Flushed! Is the ultimate combination of general knowledge and strategy, not to mention a whole lot of messy fun!


  • Series 1:  65 x 30’ HD
  • Series 2:  65 x 30’ HD


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