Artist Emma (aka Cloudy) and musician River have a relationship built on openness, love and sexual fluidity, but the challenges of loving more than one person are put to the test when they move in together.

When Emma is commissioned to exhibit at the gallery of her other lover, Zara, she chooses to focus the show on her relationship with River, exploring the timeless bond they share, the messy situations they find themselves in, the joy and the pain of their boundary pushing relationship. As Emma’s opening night approaches, River is offered a gig that could put him on the map, but at the cost of missing Emma’s show.

Cloudy River asks whether you can truly be there for each other in an open relationship whilst pursuing the individual freedoms the relationship is founded on.

Cloudy River is an unko production written and directed by Charlie Ford & Sophie Hardcastle. Principal production investment from Screen Australia, in association with Queer Screen.


  • 1 x 47’ HD


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    Cloudy River Feature – 1 x 47′