It takes an extraordinary vision to steer global emergency responses. Over the last two decades there has been more than 8000 disasters worldwide and one remarkable Australian Doctor has been at the epicentre of these medical responses. Introducing Dr. Ian Norton. Dr. Norton is a medical lynchpin in apocalyptic zones of disaster and crisis. Here he opens up for the first time about his mission to find a new way to combat disaster by drafting a set of international protocols titled The Blue Book. His aim: to set minimum international standards and empower local communities, becomes the foundation for humanitarian emergency response across 130 countries. Dr. Norton literally drafted the rule book that is saving lives on a global scale.

This is a story of hope. The series offers a rare and exclusive look into the fight to provide the best standard of emergency medical response in the world’s worst situations, the scale of which can only be realised by looking back at the most horrific tragedies and witnessing the evolution of these practices in action. Natural disasters are increasing, global pandemics are evolving into the ‘new normal’ and our ability to respond is crucial. Our need to understand is paramount. Preparedness and partnerships are crucial.

Dr. Ian Norton is a fixer. A change agent. His quest to fight the status quo and lumbering bureaucracy, implementing meaningful change to ensure every country in the world is armed and prepared to save lives, no matter what disaster unfolds, is a modern-day David and Goliath tale.

The journey starts in outback Australia and travels to the highest corridors of power at the World Health Organisation, Geneva. During this time, Dr. Ian not only redrafts the global blueprint for saving lives but creates pathways for sustainable and truly collaborative global disaster support for the future.
True leaders are forged in the most challenging situations. Share the insights of Dr Norton’s evolution and Australia’s unexpectedly central role in much of that revolutionary change.

A healer by trade, a strategist by necessity and an advocate for change and powerful outcomes.


  • 1 x 90’ HD
  • 4 x 60’ HD