We are the Bluenoses! Welcome to our World!

Meet the Bluenoses. A fun-packed animated series for creative young viewers who want to learn to draw, doodle and rhyme. Built around the double act of Cookie (he draws the words) and Big Ed (who writes the pictures), Bluenoses opens up a universe of inspiration and stimulation via fun poems, drawings, animation and music.

Produced by a team with world class educational experience and engagement, and with a belief in the educational power of combining word and image, each episode features a brilliant new poem by Paul Cookson, one of Britain’s best-loved children’s poets, along with an animated drawing from globally renowned illustrator, Martin Chatterton.

Bluenoses came about during the pandemic after Martin and Paul, both internationally in- demand school art and literacy performers with an unparalleled experience in hands-on, face-to-face engagement with young audiences, began examining ways to bring their popular live presentations to the screen. Producer Annie Chatterton (keeping things in the family) shaped the series approach and style and what emerged was Bluenoses:

Punchy, pacy bursts of engaging poetry and joyous animated drawings.

Although conceived primarily as ‘simply’ entertainment, Bluenoses is perfect for Literacy Learning in Primary School, particularly in the ‘early’ years of grades 1 through 3. Bluenoses is also a highly useful resource for older, reluctant readers, or those for whom English is a second language.

And if you’re wondering about the name, both Martin and Paul are avid fans of English Premier League football team, Everton FC, whose supporters are known as ‘Bluenoses’. Sadly for Martin and Paul, the rest of the Bluenoses team are not Evertonians…but they all bring a wealth of both experience and expertise to the series, ensuring that not only is Bluenoses a lot of fun, it is backed by rock solid educational and professional knowledge.


  • 26 x 5 mins


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