There are two big doors to the future: one is genetics and the other is Space. Both are connected. This series will show the audience how our journeying into Space and genetics will rely on and impact one another.

Who we are as humans, and our planet, are a result of our place in Space. Our position in our solar system and the make-up of planet Earth have had a leading-hand in our genetic make-up. To understand what Space travel will mean and how it will be achieved, the series will not just look-forward, but will also look-back at our planet’s and our genetic history.

The series will look-forward to what travelling to and living in Space will be like: the food we’ll eat, our health, whether the human species will need to be genetically modified, how we’ll sleep, the medicines that we’ll need, and what it will mean for our future as a species.

The series will be illustrated by unique, proprietary graphics and be guided by cutting-edge Space and genetic science. It will look at loads of really fun and cool things from the the genes of identical twins (one in space and one on earth), the genes we’ve inherited along the way, what we can learn from the genes of other animals and plants, and how we’ll need to genetically engineer for life on Mars.


  • 4 x 60′ 4K


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