A stunning voyage of food, culture and friendship along the alluring coastlines of Italy Greece, Turkey and France – these are the tales of the classic yacht Barinia and her family of 25 years –  Narelle, the chef, and Patrick, the skipper.

Jump on aboard for this journey where we visit their friends and celebrate the food and culture born of a deep connection between the land, the sea, and the people.

This love affair with Mediterranean life, invites the viewer to experience the real life of the locals and their determination to preserve their precious traditions.

Narelle, the yacht’s chef of 25 years, has assimilated a philosophy of simplicity inspired by the fresh seasonal produce from each local market. Mentored by such renowned chefs as Roger Vergé in France, and Marcella Hazan and Renato Piccolotto in Italy, Narelle she has also been invited into countless restaurants and private kitchens all through the Mediterranean, learning to draw out the exquisite flavours that nature has hidden in even the simplest of ingredients.

This really is a unique series, filmed in 4K against the backdrop of some of the world’s most ancient landscapes; the history springs to life as each episode covers a different region, providing an insight into the local cultures, foods and traditions still observed today, in stark contrast to our modern fast-paced life-style.


  • 8 x 30′ 4K


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