A retired cop leaves his idyllic life in Australia to avenge his son’s killing but discovers that the violence of his own past created the murderer, whose planned spiral of violence will swallow up the cop’s entire family.

Marcus Koopman, KOOP, is a Liverpudlian ex-cop who has escaped a violent past to enjoy a peaceful life with his artist wife Zoe on Australia’s Gold Coast, but when his estranged son Stevie is murdered on the other side of the world and his burned and mutilated corpse left on display near a famous piece of public sculpture in Liverpool, UK, Koop suspects that it’s somehow a message meant for him.

Against Zoe’s wishes, Koop returns home to investigate Stevie’s murder, re- entering the deadly world of violence and corruption he’d fought so hard to escape.

Back in Liverpool he confronts old enemies and the ghosts of his past existence as an undercover narcotics cop.

He soon discovers that Stevie’s murder was part of an elaborate work of art conceived by a serial killer, and that he, Koop, is the killer’s true audience.

Koop and the killer share a history, a dark and bloody backstory that involves Koop’s psychotic brother, Carl. Most terrifying of all, the ‘artist’ behind Stevie’s torture and murder has set his sights on Koop’s wife, Zoe, as the final element of his masterpiece.


  • 6 x 60’ HD


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