Lah-Lah is Australia’s premiere band for young children, performing original songs influenced by a diverse palette of musical genres.

Since formation ten years ago, Lah?Lah has proven to be a hit with families with its annual tours and broadcast platform culminating to date in two Australian Clubs Entertainment (ACE) awards for Best Children’s Show, two (2017 and 2018) ARIA nominations for Best Children’s Album and an addition to the Hall of Fame at the 2018 What’s On 4 Kids Awards.

Lah-Lah’s Stripy Sock Club is the club to join for every girl and boy. Meet new musical friends and their fascinating instruments in each episode. Join Lah-Lah and her adorable band of quirky and fun-loving musicians as they do their best to work as a team, make great music and find new club members.

Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band wants ?everyone to join the club – but first you have to earn your stripes! Central to every episode is the performance of two of Lah-Lah’s original songs by the band. The songs themselves also serve to further the resolution of the episode’s problem as well as being great fun for the kids at home to sing, dance and play along with in their own right.

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