We are only just starting to understand how important fungi are to life as we know it and how critical they are in protecting us from the impacts of climate change. Yet of the estimated 2 – 11 million species scientists think exist we have only described around 150,000 of them. It is a neglected and new frontier of scientific discovery.
Now the push is on to document as many species as possible, as fast as possible.
Many new species are found by renowned fungi hunter and photographer Stephen Axford, who with filmmaker Catherine Marciniak, also creates exquisite time-lapses of fungi growing. In one of the wettest years on record in Australia, Stephen and Catherine followed in the path of the rain to document the fungi that emerged. Their mission – to find out how fungi fit into the world of living things.
It is an exploration of the world of fungi as you have never seen it – combining a decade of research and passion, Stephen and Catherine’s mesmerising fungi time-lapses and footage, and the most incredible fungal stories. This fungi adventure takes us into some of the oldest landscapes in Australia, to explore the critical role fungi play on earth and how they can help humans in the fight against climate change. It includes a journey into the world of zombie fungus hunting, a dig into the hidden trading deals between fungi and trees, a 10-year investigation to name a new species and an exposé of the rain-making fungal life of a desert.
The audience also goes behind the scenes into Stephen and Catherine’s world of fungi photography and time-lapse, sharing in their discoveries along the way. It’s a pioneering fungi safari with breath-taking imagery that unearths the foundation of life down under.


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