Storyfirst presents

Starring Joel Kinnaman and produced by Alexander Rodnyansky and Leslie Grief

2023 marks the 20th Anniversary of the United States’ ill-fated invasion of Iraq, a campaign that plunged the region into chaos for generations to come. In 2003, CIA analyst John Nixon became the first American to positively identify and interrogate Saddam Hussein. During their time together, Nixon began to understand the folly and potential consequences of the invasion, the humanitarian horrors and geopolitical turbulences that would follow Saddam’s deposing. This is John’s story.

DEBRIEFING THE PRESIDENT is an event limited series in two parts. Based on John Nixon’s firestarter book of the same name, starring Joel Kinnaman, and produced by Academy Award nominated producer Alexander Rodnyansky (LEVIATHAN, LOVELESS, BEANPOLE), Debriefing The President is a story about a man’s relentless quest for truth, a nation’s messy campaign of revenge, and the bonds between fathers and sons. It’s ZERO DARK THIRTY meets FROST/NIXON in tone and tells, for the first time, the intimate story of two men at the heart of one of the 21st Century’s most formative conflicts.


  • 4 x 60’ 4K


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