Walking Points follows three compelling storylines and illustrates the strong bond between humans and dogs. The aim of the film is to explore this intricate relationship while seeking to answer the following question: can dogs truly detect cancer in humans and if so, is early detection the answer that we have been seeking to cure cancer once and for all?

We will embark on a journey in which we will learn of cancer detection dogs’ ability to detect cancer in the human being by utilizing their keen olfactory senses. It has been stated by Johns Hopkins University that despite billions of dollars being poured into research for a cure for cancer, no modern technology can detect cancer in humans at an early stage. But dogs can. The same way that military and police dogs are being trained to detect substances such as explosives and illegal drugs. The military has realized that despite the most expensive and successful technological devices available to the armed forces, they simply cannot compete with the dog’s nose.  It is only natural that we use this ‘detection device’ in the medical field as well.

The relationship between dogs and humans goes back over two thousand years and perhaps today, more than ever, their importance to us as working dogs is reaching new frontiers. Not only in the war against terrorism but also in terms of succeeding in the battle against cancer.

But what happens when the medical community can’t help and when the dogs detect cancer in a person at an early stage? Lifestyle changes and nutrition offer a unique opportunity to combat the disease and improve general wellbeing at the same time. We will explore this solution with the leaders of the whole foods plant-based diet movement and offer the viewer control over their life and health, once and for all.


  • 1 x 90’ / 1 x 52’ 4K & HD


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Episode 1 – 1 x 52′ HD