Undocumented is a series that follows Bonnie,  a law-abiding Australian who finds out she’s undocumented while living in New York. She must build a new life from scratch with no bank account and no social security number, making everyday things very challenging.

There are two massive moral battles that she must struggle with. The first is the guilt around her decision to stay. We discover at the beginning of the season that Bonnie’s father has early stages of dementia which will lead to a slow decline and a slow forgetting of those around him. The longer she stays, the less chance of him remembering her. Deciding to stay strengthens a few important relationships back in Australia, but it is the demise of some. But as it turns out that things like births, deaths, and marriages can be experienced simultaneously from the other side of the world with a little help from technology.

The second moral battle that she is waging, is around her romantic relationships. Marriage is the one solution that will allow her to go back to the United States and the life she’s created here for herself and it will also allow her to return to her homeland, her friends, her family and her declining father.

Does she stick true to herself and her moral compass and only seek relationships that are fulfilling and positive? Or does she step away from the parameters she normally sets in order to become a citizen and acquire the freedom to come and go as she pleases and be reunited with her family?

Life. Just when you think you have it covered, you become its bitch.

Starring Lydia Wilson as Bonnie.


  • 10 x 30’ 4K