A genuinely funny and rousing boy to man story made for Children’s CBBC and now available internationally.

Jamie is a 14-year-old boy thrown into the biggest adventure of his life when his Dad invites him to join him on self-supported Arctic trek. Dad has an eye condition which will send him blind in the next 5-10 years, so he is cramming in as many life experiences as he can.

Jamie starts out with little idea of what he’s getting into or why he’s doing it. Alongside his bickering Dad, he joins a team of adults to trek to and then climb a little known mountain in Eastern Greenland. They face 50 km/h winds, -20 temperatures and they must drag everything they need in pulks weighing half his bodyweight.

On top of that, they must keep a constant watch for polar bears through the night. Jamie finds it completely exhausting and he is ready to give up on Day 2, can no longer drag his pulk on Day 3 and has to somehow get through 8 Days.

For dad, the trip puts his eye condition in perspective… literally. While for Jamie, it becomes a life changing experience, figuring out why the adults around him are enjoying it so much and how he can start to appreciate it too. And hopefully young viewers will be inspired to overcome hardships as they watch it too.


  • 1 x 28’ & 1 x 50’ HD

Prix Jeunesse International Munich 2016 finalist


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