Stage Mums is a comedy about besties, Shaz Dicker and Trace Grogan; two loveable Aussie stage mothers, who are driven to do everything in their power to make their daughters famous and feed off their success. When things don’t advance as planned, Shaz and Trace take matters into their own hands. They open a talent agency to propel their daughters to fame. They hit the big time when they accidentally recruit a Star and decide to expand the venture.

These besties are constantly up against their arch enemy Amanda Kingsford-Smythe and will do anything to out-perform Amanda. Despite the fact that they have never owned a business and that Amanda sabotages them at every turn, the Stage Mums muddle their way through dodgy castings, dishonest adjudicators, obnoxious children, pushy parents and promote their daughters for every available role with varying degrees of success.

Shaz and Trace’s ultimate goal is reached when it is discovered that their arch rival Amanda Kingsford-Smythe is in fact a podophile (person with a foot fetish). Once she is exposed, Shaz and Trace attain national TV interviews and their Agency is propelled into the limelight along with their quadrupley talented daughters.

In Production – Stage Mums Long form series 8 x 30’


  • 8 x 7’ HD


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Episode 2

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