From Bondi beauties wanting to enhance their attributes without having to use insta filters, to a north shore mother of three needing a yummy mummy makeover to get a new lease on life the cosmetic surgery industry is at an all time boom and growing.

Telling stories that celebrate positive change and powerful body image and also stories that look into the psychology and social zeitgeist of what is perceived as beautiful, in a world increasingly obsessed with superficial and cosmetically enhanced beauty. We have a balance of characters that are seeking to obtain their idea of perfection versus patients that are looking to restore functionality and normality as a result of trauma or debilitating physical anomalies. We explore both psychological rationale from patients and the medical rationale from doctors that together create the high stakes, dramas and ultimately the obsession that comes with cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Is beauty only skin deep? each episode poses this question through compelling, bizarre or extraordinary stories. In an all time Australian first we will be looking at massive reveals and transformations: inside and out. Each episode will have an A and B story and range from Brazilian bum lifts, to correcting botched surgery to breast implants post-mastectomy. A little something, something for everyone.

Exposing the full spectrum of procedures and why people are prepared to risk life and limb to obtain perfection. We promise not only sensational transformations but delve into whether or not the journey was all worth it.


  • 8 x 30′ 4K