William & Sparkles’ Magical Tales is a live action preschool series that allows children to journey through an enchanted magical land full of exciting, funny and silly adventures where fantasy characters come to life through magic, song and dance.

This exciting drama series has been designed in consultation with pre-primary school educators to captivate and entertain the minds of preschool children through the use of narrative storytelling, colour, movement, music, delightful costumes and playful characters that combine to heighten the sensory experience for children.

In each half hour episode the audience is invited into the enchanted world of William the wizard and Sparkles the fairy, two playful characters that use their magical talents to have fun, solve problems, help out their visiting friends and sometimes create mischief.

Inspired by classic fairytales, nursery rhymes and fables Magical Tales utilises characters, themes and traditional storytelling mixed with humour and funky music to give much loved characters and stories a contemporary twist.

The narrative structure of this series is based around the adventures that ensue when magic goes right and wrong. William and Sparkles are relatively new at magic. Like their young preschool audience, they’re still learning about the world around them and what’s possible when they put their imaginative minds together and test their magical capabilities.


  • Series 1 – 4, each 45 x 30’ HD


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Episode 20