Larry the Lawnmower is a live action pre-school series featuring five colourful puppets based on everyday garden tools. Larry and his team are always on the go, having lots of fun as they work together to ensure their home Greenwood Gardens is kept very neat, tidy and safe.

The adorable characters include Larry the Lawnmower, a bright red lawnmower who’s fast, friendly and great at solving problems. Joining Larry are Wheelie, the reliable, roly-poly big blue wheelbarrow; Flash, the speedy hard working yellow spade; Rosie, the fussy and clever rake; and Tangles the nervous green garden hose who often springs a leak as he spins into action.

Larry the Lawnmower and his friends live in Greenwood Gardens, a wonderful place where the characters work, play and often get up to mischief as they explore and make great discoveries about life, the environment, team work and friendship.

Many episodes include live animals and plants that interact with the puppets sometimes creating challenges that the team must work together to resolve. In Greenwood Gardens you’ll find puppies, kittens, bunnies, chickens, ducks, fish and of course Gnome the mysterious garden gnome who pops up in strange places and never says a word…

Larry the Lawnmower is a highly visual series with engaging storylines designed to captivate young minds and inspire their imaginations.


  • 195 x 10’ HD


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