Kitchen Whiz is a fast, food game show for kids. A 4-course menu of messy, hands on quick cooking and food competition keeps contestants on their toes as they race around the super stocked Kitchen Whiz Pantry.

Over 4 rounds, two teams of junior chefs compete in fun tactile tasks from host Alice (Alice Zaslavsky, Channel 10’s Masterchef) and earn points and prizes from the Kitchen Ninja (Andy Minh Trieu, Tomorrow When The War Began) – a silent but hilarious master in the art of quick cooking.

Each episode starts with Round 1 – Food Facts – the focus is on the cooking style, ingredients, taste and texture of a particular dish. Teams earn points for every question they get right and earn bonus points for culinary challenges.

This is followed by the second round – We Show! You Do! – where contestants have 3 frenzied minutes to replicate a recipe demonstrated by a celebrity chef. Teams earn points for each correct step and earn bonus points for recreating the entire dish.

In Round 3 – Time to Experiment – the Kitchen Ninja sets an experimental challenge and awards points to the best performing team. At the end of this round, points are tallied and the winning team is declared.

However the show doesn’t finish here, there is a bonus round – Alphabet Soup –  where the winning team goes onto a bonus prize round where they have to spell out the answer to a food question using foam letters hurled at them by the Kitchen Ninja.

This series is ongoing with Channel 9 Australia.

Kitchen Whiz can be acquired as a completed series, now currently in series 7, as a format based on the comprehensive format bible or as a hybrid series where completed elements of the show can be provided and broadcasters can insert their local hosts.


  • Series 1 – 7, each 65 x 25’


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Episode 42