This is an unfolding story. Never before has AUSMAT (Australian Medical Assistance Team) been required so close to home. Originally established as Australia’s forward medical deployment team, dealing with pandemics, natural and manmade disasters across the world, this team is now being deployed across its home country like never before. AUSMAT is seeking a new generation of recruits to respond when our hospital system is pushed to the brink.
These are not recruits fresh out of medical school. They are highly experienced surgeons, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and logisticians. Many of whom have never performed outside of their comfort zone.
With unprecedent access to The National Critical Care and Trauma Centre, Inside Trauma, will follow the new recruits as they are put through a gruelling weeklong program of psychological, ideological, and physical training, in the heat of the Northern Territory. They will be lost in the bush, ambushed at gunpoint, and pushed to the limit. They will experience conditions similar to the toughest of deployments whilst learning from some of the finest trauma specialists, war surgeons and AUSMAT veterans.
If they are successful, these recruits will stand ready to be deployed as an AUSMAT member whenever and wherever the medical system is put under its greatest strain.
It’s always the one’s you least expect, that fail the ultimate test.


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