Housemates uncovers the unique, unusual, and sometimes crazy ways people have made share housing work. In Housemates, we meet eight very different share houses and the housemates that are trying to make it work.

An extroverted share house named Crunchy Town has 30 people living in it with no privacy, and not only shared bedrooms but shared beds. Can Sam, who grew up with a dad who had 9 wives, keep the whole house together? At the other end of the spectrum, an introverted shared house maintains strict rules on privacy and shared spaces, but when one of these rules is broken, a housemate is asked to leave. The ‘App House’ is trying to solve the issue of who cleans up in a share house by using an app to run the house, where the more chores you do, the less rent you pay. And could you share a house with three humans and 47 animals in a share house that is looking for the right housemate to fill an empty room?

Each share house has a unique way of living, but could you live in these houses?


  • 4 x 30’, 8 x 13’ & 12 x 1’ HD


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