Our host, Danni Washington, an engaging science communicator with a background in marine biology, takes us into the story of the lionfish, one of the most aggressive invasive species on the planet. They were introduced to the Atlantic inadvertently in the 1980s, and in 30 years the fish has taken over waters from Maine to Venezuela, and even the Mediterranean. We learn how invasive species can rapidly spread, and the work that innovators and scientists are developing to protect our ecosystems.
We travel with Danni as she goes on expeditions with scientists, follows breakthroughs with engineers, tastes lionfish prepared by master chefs, dives in a deep sea submarine, and investigates the lionfish’s natural habitat. Throughout the voyage, we explore the role evolution plays in our ecosystems as we strive to understand our role in navigating these changing biospheres.


Story highlights

• Watch the lionfish hunt and see why it is such a successful predator
• Enter the maiden journey of a lionfish zapping, deep sea diving robot
• See the lionfish in its native habitat where it is part of a balanced ecosystem
• Explore the world’s largest artificial reef, an aircraft carrier with a storied history
• Follow experts and locals with divergent perspectives
• Dive 800ft underwater in a submarine to investigate new lionfish behavior
• Modern approach to natural history with energetic host
• Dive into the unknown, as we explore the outcomes of disrupting evolution


  • 1 x 60′ 4k


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