Giselle is a thought provoking cinematic fantasy romance that revolves around the concept of reincarnation and the idea that our past life fears can carry over into our present day existence. It’s the notion that everyone is connected on a universal level that transcends time, race, religion, gender and social status.
The story is totally female driven with strong, diverse, three dimensional characters that centre around 3 souls and their progression through many different lifetimes together. Our hero, identified by beautiful green eyes flecked with blue and a feather shaped birthmark or tattoo, her nemesis, recognised by piercing blue eyes and a deep V shaped scar, and our hero’s soulmate who has interesting caramel coloured eyes and a matching feather shaped skin marking.
Spanning many eras in time throughout Australia, Greece, Japan and the Middle East, we journey through the ancient cycles of love and fear, seeing a repetitive pattern unfolding. 7000 years ago an Indigenous Australian girl is held captive by a uniquely foreign invader who murdered her father. In 500BC a Spartan warrior chooses to defy her cruel and heartless mother once she discovers she has a twin sister. In the late 1800’s a Geisha deals with an obsessive client in her adoptive mothers house. In the Middle East a female assassin exists under the control of a misogynistic army chief, while living a double life with her informant lover in the 90’s war time crisis and in current day Australia a teen grieving the mysterious death of her father connects powerfully with a young man. Each lifetime tells of the demise of our hero’s soulmate at the hands of the nemesis.
With a medicine man’s guidance, our current day hero digs deeper into her vulnerability and flaws and realises her nemesis is a reflection of her own fear, and she has the power to break the dysfunctional cycle.
This epic story of redemption brings a film that not only breaks down the traditional frameworks of love but also reminds us that love is at the core of humanity, and the most important part of the experience we all share.


  • 1 x 100’ 4K


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