To be a chef in a foreign land unquestionably demands humility, grace, respect, skill, dedication, courage and passion – all in equal measure.

This series pivots around and seeks insight into – why our chefs do what they do. For over a decade, the various broadcast platforms have churned out glossy “cooking shows” creating hyper- real and inaccessible celebrity chefs.

Our show is most definitely not that beast.

Our show pivots around the men and woman who still stay “in service” – the chefs who continue to learn, to explore, to practice and to refine the precious knowledge base and imbed it in their craft.

What is it that inspires our chefs? How do these chefs adapt and remain agile – what is it like to be a fish in unfamiliar water? What are the perils, pitfalls, frustrations, benefits and joys?

Our chefs share insights acquired along their various journeys. Our chefs have amassed a knowledge base, be it the history, the produce, the flavours, the cultural diversity and the spirituality, all within a framework of hard-earned commitment and trust. Our show then explores how this knowledge is transferred into everyday practice.

What is it that drives our chefs and fuels their passions? Why did they decide to uproot their lives and begin again in a new and culturally different environment? What unifies these expats and the repatriated Indonesian’s, many who have worked around the globe to embark upon or return to the destination that they hold so dear to their heart and is home.

Having been asked, “Is there a host?” The answer to that is a resounding yes – the geography or in this episode, the island of Bali, is our warm and beautiful host.

To lead a brigade of chefs can only be done with support, trust, dedication and the totality of the entire restaurant team who all in turn seek to immerse a diner in a glorious and unique experience where ultimately it is the diner who shares, savours and explores this wonderful knowledge of precious ingredients, skill, passion and joy.


  • 10 x 30’ 4K & HD


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Episode 1