New York’s most colorful cosmo-clinic goes under the spotlight, showcasing the latest anti-aging techniques up close & personal. Get to know the unique staff and BIG BOSS: Jennifer Dilandro.

Throughout each episode, we take an intimate journey into Jen’s life, her fast-growing cosmetic clinics offering non-surgical cosmetic therapies, and her family life with boyfriend Ray, who wreaks havoc at home and the office!

We meet the eccentric staff, characters from the local Brooklyn neighbourhood like well-known mascot Richard Paris, along with some rather insane and high maintenance customers. Clients range from male strippers, disfigured clients, ladies and men who strive for the perfect “selfie” look and much, much more.

The Dolce Aesthetics family are tight-knit, as the rising star company continues to draw in new clients. In between each client, high stakes and high drama reign in the typical Brooklyn way.

Money is rolling in as Dolce Aesthetics opens up more clinics that are jam-packed all day long with clients. Jen, herself works hard, performing specific techniques which result in her clients looking almost half their real age. Meanwhile, the team has to deal with crazy situations like a stalker who is caught on camera then directly confronted by Jen.

Finally, the series ends with the Grand Opening of Jen’s new office and a chance to reminisce about the company’s success so far.


  • 13 x 30’ 4K & HD


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Episode 13