Back to Nature is a series that explores our need to reconnect with nature for our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Back to Nature Finland is the series that launched the Brand that has now been produced in Australia with further territories in negotiation. Our Two hosts explore stunning Nordic nature, travelling across Scandinavia to explore these nurturing landscapes beauty and are joined by guests such as heavy-metal rocker Amorphis, and modern-day Finnish shaman and a leader of “People of the Bear”. The series also features Charming and charismatic dog friends; Luna (season 1) and Pietu (season 2) are also along for the adventures.


Each episode is set in one main area, focusing in on three locations, connected by stories and building a “3-act” structure. The locations are contrasting, so that stories of a lake system flow into the mythology of a nearby mountain, taking audiences on a journey back to nature.

Calls to action

Each episode has 1-3 ‘calls to action’ inviting viewers to engage with nature in imaginative and creative ways, using a hashtag to bring together international audiences.

Wild cooking

In each episode there’s a wild cooking sequence, using ingredients foraged and caught from the area and cooked on an outside flame.

Vlog style intimacy

Instead of traditional pieces to camera, the hosts address the audience in vlog-style “selfiecams”, creating a friendly, emotional intimacy. In our often-frenetic media and news environments, Back to Nature offers audiences an enchanting and aesthetically seductive break from their busy lives, and reawakens the viewer’s own relationship with nature.


  • Season 1:  9 x 30′ HD
  • Season 2:  6 x 30’ 4K


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    Season 2 – Episode 6