Starring Guy Pearce and Jacqueline McKenzie.

On one level, the idea of Alantown is quite simple. It’s a story about a guy who thinks he’s Jesus, but ultimately it explores the reasons behind why seemingly normal people seek out leaders to follow and why now, more than ever people are searching for a sense of community.

A place to belong and a place to feel safe.

Day-to-day life in a cult is naturally funny…

Alantown is a comic and sometimes-dramatic look at the formation, recruitment and logistics involved in starting and growing your own cult – as well as the unpredictable and funny nature of communal living. Alantown is also an interesting insight into why our current culture might inspire people to search for greater meaning and a sense of belonging.

The reality of the subject matter – a religious commune seen by some as a burgeoning cult – is that even as skeptics, we find their daily existence funny.

The aim of Alantown is to make the audience laugh and think in equal measure.

The “Lambs of God” band, Alantown’s ‘Holy Grapes’ wine label; the old beat-up minivan in which the group travel to compete in Ultimate Frisbee competitions; the recruitment of new members through song; and bizarre spiritual rituals like speaking in tongues and banishing demons – provide a continual source of entertainment throughout the show.

There are comically obvious references to the Bible with incidents occurring on the compound like “The Burning Bush” and “The Immaculate Conception” and occasionally a miracle occurs – seemingly at the hands of Alan.

And although not all members of small religious sects are kooky weirdoes – in fact, Alantown garners some very intelligent and skilled followers – the types of people regularly arriving at the compound, are comic misfits by nature.


  • 6 x 30’ 4K